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Morphological properties of nouns

Frequently used nouns are often morphologically simplex, such as skoen shoe, tafel table, and foto photo(Van Rooy 2017:256). Most count nouns have morphological plurals, typically formed with -e, as in skoene shoes, or with -s, as in tafels tables, and depending on the syllable structure occasionally with an apostrophe -'s, as in foto's photos(Van Rooy 2017:256). Some count nouns also take a morphological diminutive, typically a variant of -tjie, as in skoentjie, tafeltjie, and foto'tjie(Van Rooy 2017:256).

Nouns are formed through nominalisation, with common suffixes including -ing (spel spell > spelling spelling), -heid (werklik real > werklikheid reality), -er (lei to lead > leier leader), -aar (luister to listen > luisteraar listener), -iteit (kreatief creative > kreatiwiteit creativity), and -skap (leier leader > leierskap leadership). Afrikaans nouns can also be formed through compounding, such as katkos cat food.


For more information on the morphology of Afrikaans, including that of nouns, follow the link below:

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