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Reference to a subpart on an interval: tusken between

An interval which is closed at both ends is referred to by the preposition tusken between.


The preposition tusken between may take a coordination of Noun Phrases (NPs) or Adposition Phrases (PPs) as its argument. The two conjuncts refer to the two endpoints of the interval, as shown below:

a. Tusken Dokkum en Jelsum
between Dokkum and Jelsum
Between Dokkum and Jelsum
b. Tusken efter Dokkum en efkes foar Jelsum
between behind Dokkum and somewat in.front.of Jelsum
Between behind Dokkum and a little before Jelsum

It may also take a plural NP that is not a coordinate structure as its complement:

Tusken twa plakken
between two places
Between two places

It cannot take a PP which is not a coordinate structure as its complement:

*It leit tusken efter twa plakken dêr't ik efkes net opkomme kin
it lies between behind two places which.R I DcP not up.come can
It is situated between behind two places which I cannot call to mind right now
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