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The construction investigated here has the form of an Adposition Phrase (PP) featuring a neuter nominalized adjective in the prepositional complement.


This construction has the form of a PP featuring a neuter nominalized adjective in the prepositional complement:

a. Op it bernlik-e omt ôf
on the.NG childish.NE POST POST
Very childish
b. By 't switterige omt ôf
at the sweaty POST POST
Very sweaty

The constructional frame consists of the preposition op on or by at, followed by the definite neuter nominalization of the adjective, which is in turn followed by two postpositions. The first of the two postpositions has a unique shape, as it consists of the adposition om around, about, to which a -t has apparently been appended. The adposition om / omt around is optional in this construction. The construction is used mostly in a construction of predication, either as an additional complement or as an apposition:

a. De krityk is ûnnoazel, op it bernlike omt ôf
the criticism is naïve on the childish POST POST
The criticism is naïve, even very childish
b. It iis slacht wat oan, by 't switterige omt ôf
the ice humidifies somewhat ADP at the sweaty POST POST
The ice humidifies somewhat, becomes even very sweaty
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