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4 Partitive noun constructions and constructions related to them

Partitive constructions and constructions related to them involve two nouns. In most cases, the first noun is the partitive noun and the second noun is the content noun. The two nouns may be stringed together in a bare partitive construction without an intervening element, as in the following example:

Deer sunt [n Masse Sleke] in dän Dom.
there are a mass potholes in the dirt.road
The dirt road has a lot of potholes.

The partitive noun designates a part, a property or a measure of whatever is designated by the content noun. The partitive noun and the content noun may also be joined together by a functional item. The partitive construction thus contains the following elements:

  • A partitive noun
  • A functional element
  • A content noun

These are the constituent parts of the partitive construction, listed in their order as they occur from left to right.

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