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The adverbial suffix -s may also take phrases as its base. These phrases may be prepositional or nominal. An instance of the former is ûnderweis [[ûnder](P)[wei](N)]s under-way-s on the way. Typical of these formations is the fact that they only consist of a preposition and a bare noun; we never see articles, and only sporadically the addition of adjectives. Adjectives, on the other hand, figure predominantly in nominal phrases. They are not inflected, however. An example is bleatfoets barefoot. This could go back to a phrase [[bleat-INFL](A) [foet](N)](NP) naked-INFL foot. The suffix has the function of strengthening the adverbial character of the combination, and also its status as one word.


More on this suffix, also with respect to its phrasal bases, can be found in -s with adverb as base.