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Complementation of Noun Phrases

A noun may take a complement of the category PP (Adposition Phrase). In the example below, the noun praat talk takes a complement introduced by the preposition oer about.

Example 1

Ik twong mysels ta wat loftich praat oer de bysûndere smaak fan de lammebout
I forced myself to some light-hearted talk about the special taste of the lamb.leg
I forced myself to talk light-heartedly about the special taste of the leg of lamb

The behaviour of PP complements is affected by the specific type of noun involved. Hence a typology of nouns is presented, which is partly based on their morphological analysis.

Nouns may also take a clausal complement. In the example below, the noun fraach question is followed by a clausal complement:

Example 2

It is fansels de fraach oft ik oer in foetus, hoe minym ek, hinne komme kind hie
it is of.course the question whether I around a foetus how small also across come could have
It is questionable whether I could have gotten over a foetus, however small

Noun Phrases (NPs) may be built around (projected from) an infinitive, in a way that is comparable to English gerunds. Put differently, nominal infinitives may have an internal structure that is partly verbal, partly nominal. In the example below, an NP is built around the gerundial infinitive smoken smoking, and another is built around the gerundial infinitive priuwen nipping:

Example 3

Dy kaam no en dan tusken it smoken fan 't pypke en 't priuwen fan 't sûpke ris út 'e hoeke mei in grapke
he came now and then between the smoking of the pipe and the nipping of the drink DcP out the corner with a joke
Now and then, he made himself heard with a joke, while smoking his pipe and nipping from his drink

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