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Are Taalportaal topics peer-reviewed?

The nature of the project did not allow for traditional methods of quality assurance – like double-blind peer-reviewing – since topics were released and updated continuously throughout the duration of the project. In addition, the project enjoyed considerable media attention in South Africa, which would have made it difficult to ensure a truly blind process.

What quality assurance measures were taken?
A number of measures have been implemented to ensure that the information on Taalportaal is reliable and of sound quality:
  • Respected and well-known experts in the respective fields (phonology, morphology, and syntax) were contracted as authors. They were either professors emeriti, established researchers, or young linguists with a PhD.
  • Within each sub-project (i.e. field) one or more moderators were appointed – all experts in their own right. They often collaborated closely with the main author, so that they eventually also became second authors on certain topics. This collaboration not only improved quality, but also enabled transfer of knowledge between scholars with different perspectives on the same subject matter.
  • Authors and moderators have often consulted other scholars, including international experts on Afrikaans.
  • To ensure quality and consistency across all three subject areas, the project leader also acted as editor-in-chief. Although not all topics have been edited by him at the time of the public release (21 May 2020), this work will continue in future to refine and align all topics to an even greater degree.
  • While the authors, moderators, and editor-in-chief have striven to deliver text of a high-quality, none of the topics have been professionally edited or proofread. This also remains future work, depending on the availability of funding.

If you find any glossing errors, lay-out/formatting errors, or language/grammar errors, please send a screenshot (or whatever is easiest for you) to Gerhard van Huyssteen.

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