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Questioned modifiers to the PP

A modifier to prepositional and postpositional phrases can be questioned by means of an interrogative adverb, as in this example:

Teen hoeveel knope vaar 'n karveel?
at how.many knots sails a caravel
At how many knots does a caravel sail?

Modifiers to adposition phrases, whether exact or not, can be questioned, as in the following examples:

a. Hoeveel meter het hy die berg op geloop?
how.many meter have.AUX he the mountain up walk.PST
How many meters did he walk up the mountain?
b. Watter afstand het hulle na die noorde afgelê?
which distance have.AUX they to the north down.lie.PST
What distance did they cover (going) to the north?

In some cases, a semantically suitable adjective, such as diep deep in example (3b) below, must be used to question an NP modifier.

a. Die vis woon 'n honderd meter onder die oppervlak.
the fish live a hundred meter under the surface
The fish lives one hundred meters below the surface.
b. Hoe diep woon die vis onder die oppervlak?
how deep live the fish under the surface
How deep does the fish live below the surface?
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