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Verbs (V), adjectives (A), nouns (N) and prepositions (P) constitute the four major word classes. The present study deals with both adjectives and their projections (adjective phrases). Chapter 1 starts by giving a survey of some of the syntactic, morphological and semantic characteristics of this word class. Like the other word classes, adjectives can project in the sense that they select complements and can be modified by adverbial phrases; comparative and superlative formation can also be seen as involving projection. This will be discussed in Chapter 2 through Chapter 4. We will take a closer look at the syntactic uses of the AP in Chapter 5 through Chapter 8; subsequently, we will discuss its attributive, predicative, partitive genitive and adverbial use. Chapter 9 will discuss the adjectival use of participles and modal infinitives, and Chapter 10 will conclude with a discussion of some special constructions that do not naturally fit in the other parts of this study.

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