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Modification by a quantifier

Numerals may be modified by some quantifiers in case the preposition is absent.


Numerals may be premodified, as is illustrated below in the case of a premodifying universal quantifier:

Example 1

a. Alle trije famkes
all three girls
All three girls
b. ?*Alle trije fan 'e famkes
all three of the girls
All three of the girls

It is unclear why alle all may not occur in a prepositional partitive. The corresponding phrase is grammatical in English, as is clear from the translation. The negative quantifier may also be premodified, both in the bare partitive and the prepositional partitive:

Example 2

a. Noch gjin tweintich famkes
yet no twenty girls
Less than twenty girls
b. Noch gjin tweintich fan 'e famkes
yet no twenty of the girls
Less than twenty of the girls