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Selecting a bare infinitive

Modals can select predications headed by a bare infinitive.


Modals can directly be combined with a predication built on a bare infinitive:

Example 1

Foppe moat fuotbalje
Foppe must play.soccer.OI
Foppe must play soccer

The infinitival main verb carries the ending of the ordinary infinitive, which usually is a schwa. The gerundial infinitive is not grammatical:

Example 2

*Foppe moat fuotbaljen
Foppe must play.soccer
Foppe must play soccer

Modals freely combine with transitive infinitivals, without requiring incorporation:

Example 3

a. Jouke moat griente yn 'e supermerk keapje
Jouke must vegetables in the supermarket buy.OI
Jouke must buy vegetables in the supermarket
b. *Jouke moat griente yn 'e supermerk keapjen
Jouke is vegetables in the supermarket buy.GI
Jouke must buy vegetables in the supermarket

Modals must undergo clause-union and verb clustering with their complement. So, it is ungrammatical to realise the complement as an independent clause:

Example 4

a. *De man dy't juster moat de ôfwask dwaan
the man who yesterday must the dishes do
The man who had to do the dishes yesterday
b. De man dy't juster de ôfwask dwaan moat
the man who yesterday the dishes do must
The man who had to do the dishes yesterday