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5 Articles and names

All Noun Phrases (NPs) are quantifiers from a semantic point of view, that is, they have an interpretation that can be formalised with the aid of simple mathematical concepts. The application of such mathematical concepts to semantics may be called logic. The term quantifier may either refer to the NP as a whole, or to its determiner. Determiners are specific elements at the onset of NPs and they determine the quantificational character of NPs. Some NPs lack an overt determiner, such as proper names and geographical names. Proper names and some nouns closely related to them may also have a vocative function.


The class of determiners may be split into articles (this topic), and quantifiers proper. The group of articles consists of the following elements:

For determiners which are not articles, see: Quantifiers and (pre)determiners. The group of names consists of the following elements:

For pronouns, see: Pronouns. On the agreement properties of determiners in the attributive construction, see: AP, Agreement of APs with a following Noun and a preceding determiner (5.1).

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