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Low degree modifiers

Low degree modifiers emphasize the lack or near lack of distance between two objects. These include deun close, ticht close, fuort directly, lyk exactly.


The following examples show that the adjective deun close may be used to modify a postpositional phrase containing an Adposition Phrase (PP):

a. Deun tsjin inoar oan rûnen Aant en Peter troch de stêd
close against each other to walked Aant and Peter through the town
Close to each other, Aant and Peter walked through the town
b. De boat gliidt deun by it dak lâns
the boat floats close at the roof along
The boat floats close along the roof

The following example involves a prepositional phrase:

a. It boerespultsje fan Ype Holtrop, dat deun oan de mar stiet
the farm of Ype Holtrop which close to the lake stands
The farm of Ype Holtrop, which is close to the lakeside
b. It liket as hat er der gjin benul fan dat er deun nêst immen stiet
it seems as has he R.it no idea of that he close next.to somebody stands
It seems as if he has no idea that he is standing close beside to someone

The following example involves a PP wich does not contain a complement:

No't de fijân sa deunoan komt
now the enemy so close.by comes
Now that the enemy is coming so close

For Dutch it is reported that modifiers emphasizing the (near) lack of distance are adverbs, not adjectives. Deun close, however, can be shown to be an adjective, seeing that it is also found in the comparative, as in the following examples:

a. Hoe deuner oan, hoe better
how closer by how better
The closer by, the better
b. De boat gliidt deuner by it dak lâns as de oaren
the boat floats close at the roof along than the others
The boat floats closer along the roof than the others

The adverb fuort directly combines with temporal PPs and locative PPs:

a. Fuort nei de winter hat er grouwe snoeken fongen
directly after the winter has he thick pikes caught
Directly after the winter, he caught thick pikes
b. Hja fine in moai hotel yn Jessore, fuort by it busstasjon
they find a beautiful hotel in Jessore close to the bus.station
They find a beautiful hotel in Jessore, close to the bus station

The adverb lyk exactly, right combines especially with goals of motion.

a. Dêr smiet er har syn prûmke lyk yn it gesicht
there threw he her his chew right in the face
There he threw his quid right in the face
b. De noardwestewyn boldere lyk op my ta
the north.west.wind roared right up me to
The north west wind roared right in my face
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