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Adjectives and adverbs of time may be used to modify Adposition Phrases (PPs) of time.


Adjectives which can refer to temporal duration such as gau soon, koart short en lang long may be used to modify PPs with a temporal dimension. The use of koart short is supported by the influence of Dutch, unlike the use of gau soon, which is more specifically Frisian:

a. Hiel gau nei de wedstriid
very soon after the match
Very soon after the match was finished
b. Lang nei syn tillefoantsje
long after his telephone.call
Long after his telephone call

Other modifiers of temporal PPs are given below. It cannot in all cases be determined whether they are adjectival or not:

a. Fuort nei it iepenloftspul
straight after the open air play
Straight after the open air play was finished
b. Moai oan it begjin
nicely at the beginning
Nicely at the beginning
c. Krekt ûnder de foarstelling
just during the play, performance
Just during the play, performance
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