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Attributive pronoun

An attributive interrogative is placed in the first position of the clause together with the Noun Phrase (NP) of which it is a part:

Example 1

a. Hokke poerbêste masters hiene earst net efter de dongkroade rûn?
which excellent teachers had first not behind the dung.wheelbarrow walked
How many excellent teachers had not walked behind the wheelbarrow loaded with dung at the outset of their career?
b. Hokke billen soe se hawwe?
what upper.legs would she have
What would her thighs be like?

The attributive interrogative may have the form hokker, which does not express number or gender. The form hok/hokke which expresses number and gender in the way of adjectival agreement. A construction with this interrogative is inherently indefinite. So hok is used only in the neuter singular:

Example 2

Hok fleis joegen hja wei oan de earme man?
what.NG.SG meat.NG.SG gave they away to the poor man
What type of meat did they give away to the poor man?