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2.2 AP with extra NP argument

Apart from the subject, an AP can take a second argument in the form of an object.


The object argument can be inanimate, as in the following example:

Man is in sien Oaler sien Lieuwend nit moor seker.
one is in his old.age his life not more certain
One isn’t certain of one’s life anymore in one’s old age.

In a language like German, such inanimate object arguments are usually marked with genitive case. The second argument of an AP can also be an animate NP, as in the following example:

Dän jungen Mönk Winfried wude immer klorer, uum wät et in dusse Tied geen.
the.O young monk Winfried became continually clearer about what it in this time went
It became continually clearer to the young monk Winfried what it was all about in this time.

In a language like German, such NPs are usually marked with dative case. Examples of APs with an object argument seem to be rare in Saterland Frisian.

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