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Complex adjectives

Adjectives may exhibit complementation in the form of arguments:

a. De my tagediene soldaten
the me loyal soldiers
The soldiers that are loyal to me
b. In fan subsydzje ôfhinklik project
a of subsidy dependent project
A project that is dependent on subsidies

Adjectives may be modified. Two examples are given below:

a. In ôfgryslik drege put
a horribly heavy job
A horribly heavy job
b. In te grutte state
a too big manor house
A too big manor house

In Frisian, adjectives are rarely accompanied by full Noun Phrase (NP) arguments when they are used attributively. Frisian resembles English in not being fond of expansion of attributively used Adjective Phrases (APs) with heavy arguments. When adjectives are not used attributively, they can easily be accompanied by arguments.


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