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The suffix -aasje is attached to roots of non-Germanic verbs ending in -earje. It creates nouns that have common gender. Examples are operearje to perform surgery > operaasje surgery and argewearje to irritate > argewaasje irritation. The suffix acts in a similar way as the Dutch suffix -atie.

[+]General properties

The suffix -aasje follows stems of French loan verbs, in Frisian ending in -earje. Examples are given below:

Table 1
Base form Derivation
argewearje to irritate argewaasje irritation
argumintearje to argue argumintaasje argumentation
avesearje to hurry avesaasje progress, movement
nasjonalisearje to nationalise nasjonalisaasje nationalisation
prakkesearje to reflect prakkesaasje reflection

The French counterpart of the suffix is -ation. An interesting fact is that in Frisian, the suffix -aasje has been productive independently of French. To illustrate: in French the verb avancer to hurry exists, which is imported and adapted in Frisian into avesearje to hurry. In Frisian this verb has been nominalised into avesaasje progress, movement, but French does not have such a form as *avancation.

The derivations are nouns with common gender that have a plural in -s. The suffix acts in a similar way as the Dutch suffix -atie. For example: the Dutch verb argumenteren to argue becomes argumentatie argumentation in Dutch and argumentaasje in Frisian.

Although most of the time one can connect a derivation in -aasje to a verb, there are a few opaque forms. For example, the nouns konglomeraasje conglomerate and konsideraasje consideration do not have an existing verbal base: *konglimerearje or *konsiderearje.

The typical Frisian suffix -eraasje is a variant of -aasje.

[+]Phonological properties

The suffix is pronounced as [a:sjə]. In derivations with -aasje the stress is on the first part of the suffix (prakkeSAAsje).

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