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Modification of NP

Certain adverbs can be used to modify NPs. In most cases, the function of the adverb is to emphasise as aspect of the the argument of which the NP forms part, as in the case of veral especially below:

Veral Piet sal hom moet regruk.
especially Piet will.AUX.MOD himself must.AUX.MOD pull.straight
Especially Piet will have to get a grip on himself.

Adverbs which modify NPs can occur prenominally or postnominally, and normally emphasise a preferential, temporal or local aspect of the relevant nouns:

Veral jy moet in jou pasoppens wees.
especially you must.AUX.MOD in your take.care be
You, especially, must be on the alert.
Jy is presies die persoon wat ek wil ontmoet.
you be.PRS exactly the person that.REL I want.to.AUX.MOD meet
You are exactly the person I want to meet.
Slegs hulle mag weet.
only they may.AUX.MOD know
Only they should know.
Hy beweer juis die teenoorgestelde.
He claims exactly the opposite.
Die partytjie gisteraand was 'n fees.
the party last.night be.PST a feast
The party last night was a feast..
Die man daar lyk net soos iemand wat ek ken.
the man there looks just like somebody that.REL I know
The man over there looks just like someone I know.

The adverb presies exactly can occur in several positions, when modifying a PPModification of PP, though not following AP:

presies op die regte plek
exactly on the right spot
Exactly on the right spot.
op presies die regte plek
on exactly the right spot
Exactly on the right spot.
?op die presies regte plek
on the exactly right spot
Exactly on the right spot.
*op die regte presiese plek
on the right exactly spot
Exactly on the right spot.
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