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7.1.Recognizing verb clusters

Discussions of verb clustering sometimes suffer from the fact that they take it for granted that clause splitting, that is, splitting of the embedded verbal projection by the matrix verb as a result of which the verbs group together in clause-final position, as in (2), is sufficient to conclude that we are dealing with verb clustering. Section has shown, however, that such groupings may not only arise as a result of verb clustering but also as a result of a process that we referred to as remnant extraposition; Section 7.1.1 briefly summarizes these findings in order to clarify the diagnostics we will use to distinguish verb clustering from other cases of clause splitting.

dat Jan dat boek beweert te lezen.
  that  Jan  that book  claims  to read
'that Jan is claiming to read that book.'

Another factor complicating the discussion of verb clustering is that non-finite verb forms may undergo conversion to other categories. Section 6.2.3 has shown that in certain constructions past/passive participles and te-infinitives exhibit adjectival rather than verbal behavior, and Section 5.2.3 has shown that bare infinitives do not only appear as verbs but may also appear as nominalizations. Not taking these facts into account obscures the regularities underlying the linear word orders we find in verb clusters, and for this reason Section 7.1.2 will briefly discuss the means to exclude these apparent verbs from the discussion.

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