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Possessive pronouns

Afrikaans has two main types of possessive pronouns: those that are used attributively, and those that are used independently (Ponelis 1979:83, Scholtz 1980). With the exception of the singular male form sy his (example 1a), the other attributive forms correspond directly to the object forms of those pronouns (1b to 1d), and for the plural pronouns the forms is the same as the subject and object form (1e to 1g).

a. Lees sy inspirerende verhaal op bladsy twee.
read his inspiring story on page two
Read his inspiring story on page two.
b. My huurkontrak het 'n paar maande gelede verstryk.
my rent.contract have.AUX a couple months ago expire
My lease expired a few months ago.
c. Dui asseblief jou maandelikse salaris aan.
indicate please your.SG monthly salary PREP.PTCL
Please indicate your monthly salary.
d. Sy het Kaapstad as haar bestemming gekies.
she have.AUX Cape.town as her destination choose.PST
She chose Cape Town as her destination.
e. Welgedaan aan ons wenners van die Sisonke-kompetisie.
well.done to our winners of the Sisonke-competition
Well done to our winners of the Sisonke competition.
f. Julle liefde en ondersteuning het my deur die storms van die lewe gehelp.
your.PL love and support have.AUX me through the storms of the life help.PST
Your love and support helped me through the storms of life.
g. Dit onderskei hulle posisie van Botha se posisie.
it distinguish their position from Botha PTCL.GEN position
It distinguishes their position from Botha's position.
VivA-KPO, adapted

With regard to the independent, predicative possessive pronouns, there is a clear distinction between the singular and the plural pronouns. The singular pronouns take the forms myne mine, joune yours, syne his and hare hers (example 2a to 2d), while the plural pronouns are used in periphrastic constructions with the possessive particle s'n (2e to 2g).

a. Maar nou is jy myne, net myne.
but now be.PRS you.SG mine just mine
But now you are mine, just mine.
b. Maak seker dat jy joune betyds kry!
make sure that.COMP you.SG yours.SG on.time get
Ensure that you receive yours on time.
c. Met 'n stem soos syne kan 'n mens Seal enigiets vergewe...
with a voice like his can.AUX.MOD a human Seal anything forgive
With a voice like his, one can forgive Seal anything...
VivA-KPO, adapted
d. Maar Grobbies het skaars die som op die bord geskryf vir die blitsbrein-toets, of Jessie is klaar met hare.
but Grobbies have.AUX barely the sum on the board write.PST for the swift.brain-test or Jessie be.PRS finished with hers
But Grobbies barely finished writing the sum on the board, and already Jessie was finished with hers.
e. Nou is die uitdaging ons s'n.
now be.PRS the challenge our PTCL.GEN
Now the challenge is ours.
f. Ek sal julle s'n ook saambring.
I will.AUX.MOD your.PL PTCL.GEN also along.bring
I will bring yours along as well.
g. Elke dieet dink hulle s'n is die wenformule.
every diet think their PTCL.GEN be.PRS the win.formula
Every diet thinks theirs is the winning formula.

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