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Strong and weak pronouns, subject and object

Subject and non-subject pronouns are distinguished and listed on the basis of their person, number and gender features. From now on we will refer to non-subject pronouns as object pronouns. Object pronouns are used in all (excepting the possessor position) positions where subject pronouns cannot be used, such as their position in prepositional complements. The 2SG subject pronoun is the only pronoun that can be dropped altogether (6.1.2). Strong 3SG and 3PL pronouns must refer to human referents. There is a seperate 3SG pronoun for unspecified or arbitrary reference to persons. 3SG pronouns may be sensitive to gender and to other properties of the antecedent (see other properties of the antecedent). Pronouns may be premodified and postmodified (see modification of the subject and the object pronouns). There are constructional restrictions on the use of the weak pronounse them, whereas the strong pronoun har them is not so restricted.