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Noun Incorporation Verbs are inseparable verbal VN compounds. They are paradigmatically reduced. Noun Incorporation Verbs only appear in infinitival shape, mostly with the gerundive infinitive (ending in -n or -en).

Hie fäng oun tou Seeltersk balen. (‘He began to speak Saterlandish.’, lit. ‘he started to Saterlandisch-speak.’)
Du fangst ook al an tou kloukbalen. (‘You’re going to talk smart, too.’)
Mäma was an ’t Ponnekouken baken. (‘Mum was baking pancakes.’)
Dät Eed wude bruukt tou Ougend-heet-moakjen. (‘The turf was used to heat the oven.’)
Bie dät Bäiste bekiekjen. (‘While observing cows’, lit. ‘at the cows-observe.’)

Noun Incorpoation Verbs are a well-known phenomenon in Westerlauwers Frisian (see Dyk 1997, esp. pp 174-175 on Saterland Frisian.)

  • Dyk, Siebren. 1997. Noun Incorporation in Frisian. Dissertation RU Groningen.
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