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Aspectual verbs of becoming

The transitive verb krije to get is able to provide a complementive structure for a direct object and an Adposition Phrase (PP) predicated of it. This verb involves a relation of becoming between its direct object and the PP predicate.


The following two examples involve the verb krije to get. Argument and predicate have been bracketed in the example below:

a. Harke en ik krije [kij] [om ús hinne]
Harke and I get cows around us to
Harke and me are getting cows around us
b. Sisifus krige de bal net by de terp op
Sisifus got the ball not at the mound up
Sisyphus did not manage to get ball up the mound

Locative examples seem to be subject to aspectual restrictions. The verb krije to get also combines with PPs which do not have a locative but an idiomatic interpretation.

a. It bern mocht it ris yn 'e holle krije om allinne diskant út
the child might it DcP in the head get for alone this way out
The child might get it into her head to come this way alone
b. Hy krige it op 'e skuld
he got it on his blame
He got the blame for it
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