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There are only a few examples of nominal compounds with a pronoun as first constituent. These compounds are all endocentric. The stress is on the first constituent. An example is IK-roman first-person novel, formed from the personal pronounik I and the noun roman novel.


There are few examples of compounds with a pronoun as their first constituent, although it should be said that the pattern is quite marginal. The compounds are all endocentric, and have their stress is on the first constituent. Examples are listed below:

Table 1
First constituent (Pron) Second constituent (N) Compound (PronN)
ik I roman novel ik-roman first-person novel
nimmen nobody lân land nimmenslân no-man's-land
hy he perspektyf perspective hy-perspektyf third-person narration
wy we gefoel feeling wy-gefoel feeling of solidarity

Note that the compound nimmenslân shows a linking element -s.


This topic is based on Hoekstra (1998:48).

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