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3.4.Comparative/superlative formation

With the exception of the predicative PP idioms discussed in Section 3.3, sub I, adpositional phrases cannot undergo comparative/superlative formation. It should be noted, however, that formations like voorste'front' and achterste'back' do occur. They retain their spatial meaning and do have a kind of superlative meaning, but they no longer act as adpositions; the fact that they may occur in prenominal attributive position, as in (99), show that they instead behave like true adjectives. Observe that these adjective are in a paradigm with middelste'middle', which is not derived from a preposition.

a. de bovenste/onderste plank
  the  top/bottom  shelf
b. de achterste/voorste rij
  the  final/first  row
c. de middelste plank
  the  middle  shelf
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