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Some adjectives cannot be used attributively, such as klear ready and ree ready:

a. It wurk is klear / ree
the work is ready / ready
The work is done
b. *It kleare / reeë wurk
the ready / ready work
The work that is done

A part of these non-attributive adjectives can only be used as complementive predicates, others can be used as complementive and appositive predicates but not as supplementive predicates. There are also complex predicates consisting of an Adjective Phrase (AP) and an infinitival clause, in which an argument of the infinitival clause is related to the argument of the adjectival predication:

De som is maklik op te lossen
the sum is easy up to solve
The sum is easy to solve. / The sum can easily be solved

There are some special predicative constructions which are conversion constructions. The predicate is semantically based on the AP, but it has the form of an Adposition Phrase (PP) or a Noun Phrase (NP).


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