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8 Adverbial use of APs

There are quite a few adverbial modifiers for which it is unclear to which syntactic category they belong. Nevertheless, many adverbials can be recognised to be APs. In the following example, an AP (flot ‘quickly’) modifies a VP:

Hie kon ju Oarbaid flot fon de Hounde kriege.
he could the work quick of the hands get
He could quickly get the work done.

APs can also be used as adverbial modifiers for other syntactic categories.


APs which are used as adverbs all share the property that they may not be accompanied by complements.

Most adverbs are not marked by special morphology. Many adverbs clearly derive from adjectives, but, then again, many others, such as time adverbs seem nominal rather than adjectival. There is no morphological marker by which all adverbs or even many adverbs may be recognised, though there are markers targeting specific subgroups of adverbs.

APs functioning as adverbials may exhibit different behaviour depending on the syntactic category which they modify, as discussed in the following topics:

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