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An interfix (most often called a linking element, but also known as a linker, linking phoneme, linking morpheme, connecting morpheme, phonomorpheme, stem extender, and valence morpheme, amongst many others) is a bound morpheme with a highly schematic meaning that extends the valence of stems and roots to combine with other stems, roots or affixes.

Prototypical interfixes in Afrikaans words
Table 1: Prototypical interfixes in Afrikaans words
Interfixes in compounds Interfixes in affixed words Interfixes in (neo-)classical word formations
-e- -d- -at-
-er- -e- -i-
-n- -en- -ifi-
-ns- -er- -ik-
-s- -n- -is-
- (hyphen) - (hyphen) -o-

{UNDER CONSTRUCTION} Interfixes will be discussed in a future update of this topic.

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