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Listing of possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns are distinguished and listed on the basis of their person, number and gender features. Possessive pronouns do not have the distinction between weak and strong pronouns.


The system of possessive pronouns in Frisian is given below. The last column lists the forms which the possessive pronouns take in case there is no following Noun Phrase (NP). This construction is also called noun ellipsis. There is quite some variation in case the pronoun is not followed by an NP, see also pronominal.

Table 1
Gloss Possessor Pronoun Forms used in noun ellipsis
1SG myn mines, minen, minent, mynt, mynten, myntes
2SG dyn dines, dinen, dinent, dynt, dynten, dyntes
3SG.M (NT) syn sines, sinen, sinent, synt, synten, syntes
3SG.F har harres, harrent
1PL ús uzes
2PL jim jimmes
3PL har / harren harres, harrent
2SG formal jo jowes
3SG arbitrary jins jinnes, jinnen
Possessive pronouns do not distinguish between weak and strong forms, as many subject and object pronouns do.