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Which topics are covered on Taalportaal?

The Taalportaal website only covers topics in phonology, morphology, and syntax. This choice of descriptive levels of the grammars of Afrikaans, Dutch, and Frisian should not be construed as a theoretical statement of what the grammar of a language comprises, or how such a grammar is organised in the minds of language users. It should rather be seen as a way to structure our knowledge of different aspects of grammar in well-known, traditional categories, while at the same time limiting the scope of the endeavour for practical purposes.

Due to the nature of the grammar project (namely following on and being a comparative part of the Dutch and Frisian Taalportaal), the existing backbone of the Dutch and Frisian frameworks served as a central scheme, especially with regard to the choice of themes. The Dutch and/or Frisian text also served as a direct source that could be "copied and pasted" (so to speak) where it applied directly to Afrikaans; the reader should therefore not be surprised to find identical sentences, paragraphs, or topics across the languages.

For example, derivation and compounding are productive word formation processes in Dutch, Frisian and Afrikaans, and the general descriptions of derivations and compounding can thus be taken over for Afrikaans. What specifically applies to Afrikaans (such as examples, constructions and descriptions) was amended, removed or added to the original text.

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