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In some nominal compounds, the nominal head is modified not by a word but by a whole phrase element, which is mostly a noun phrase.

Eenköäkenshuus (‘one kitchen house’), Goudwederdruppen (‘large raindrops’, lit. ‘good-weather-drops’), Holichfjodendeel (‘quarter part’), Ooldewieuweknät (‘loose knot’, lit. ‘old-wives-knot’), Twoskoarplouch (‘two-share-plough’), Twäiorekurich (‘two-handle-basket’), Pot-un-Ponwinkel (‘a shop for kitchen utensils’)

The word Ooldewieuweknät is, by the way, synonymous with the regular compound Ooldwieuweknät (cf.

The word ABC-Bouk (‘elementary school book’) is not phrase-based. ABC is an abbreviation acting like a regular word (‘alpabet’).

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