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As NP argument of the verb

Free relatives may function as verbal arguments.


The free relative functions as a subject in the first example below, and as a direct object in the second one below:

Example 1

a. Wa't it hurdst kin, hat de priis
who the fastest can has the prize
Whoever goes fastest, wins the prize
b. Hy brûkt wat him temjitte komt
he uses what him in.meet comes
He uses what he comes across

A free relative can also function as an indirect object, though this is rarely found in a corpus:

Example 2

Hy joech wa't him wat yn 'e mjitte kaam, it jild werom
he gave who him some in.meet came the money back
He returned the money to whoever was willing to strike a decent deal with him

In older Frisian, the relative pronouns dy't who and dat which could also be used as free relative pronouns.