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Miscellanea numeralia

Numerals are the base words for a number of more or less productiveword formation processes and construction schemas. The listing below is far from complete:

  • diminutives: tientje ten guilder/euro bill, halfje half a serving, certain coin, met zijn drietjes with our three-DIM the three of us.
  • plurals: bij vieren by four-PL around four o'clock, met zijn zevenen with his seven-PL in a group of seven, in achten in eight-PL in eight parts.
  • temporal expressions (cf. MPI publications): het is drie uur it is three hour it is three o'clock, het is half vier it is half four it is half past three, kwart voor vier quarter for four three forty five, twintig over zes twenty over six 6:20, tien voor half zeven ten for half seven 6:20, bij vieren by four-en 'around four, veertien januari zestieneenentwintig fourteen January sixteen one and twenty January 24th, 1621.
  • synthetic compounds: drietrapsraket three-trep-s-rocket.
  • measure phrases, such as amounts of money (twee euro zeventig two euro seventy E 2.70, twee zeventig two seventy E 2.70, drie ton three ton E 300.000), lengths (twee meter zeventig two meter seventy 2.70 meters, tweeëneenhalve meter two and a half meter 2.5 meter, twee meter en een half two meter and a half 2.5 meter.
  • cardinals used as part of names: (tram)lijn vijf streetcar line five, which may be truncated to yield ik neem lijn vijf I take line five or even ik neem de vijf I take the five.
  • univerbation: tweedehandsauto second hand car.


This is work in progress. As the phenomena to be discussed appear not to belong to the core of morphology as it is commonly understood, it may take some time to be finished, if ever.