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1.5 APs in conjunction with VPs

Adjective may be used as adverbials to modify VPs, as in the following example:

Hie kon ju Oarbaid flot fon de Hounde kriege.
he can the work easily of the hands get
He can easily get the work done.

In addition, an adjective can take a VP or a full clause as its argument, as in the following two examples:

Iek bän et sääd, aaltied mäd do Bäidene tou skeelden.
I am it fed.up always at the children to scold
I’m fed up with always scolding the children.
Et is striedich, of hie uurs ume waas of nit.
it is controversial whether he other about was or not
It is controversial whether he played for the other team or not.

Here the pronoun in subject position refers to the clause in final position. An adjective cannot be linked to an infinitive introduced by the coordinating conjunct:

*Et is beter un uurnoachtje hier in den Busk.
it is better and spend.the.night here in the wood
It is better to spend the night in the wood.

This type of construction is acceptable in West Frisian, and in Afrikaans. In Saterland Frisian, a to-infinitive must be used:

Et is beter hier in den Busk tou uurnoachtjen.
it is better here in the wood to spend.the.night
It is better to spend the night in the wood.
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