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Nominal suffixes

Derivation of nouns can occur with nine possible bases: nouns, verbs, adjectives, a few adverbs, numerals, a few pronouns, geographical names, personal names and phrases. Examples are bazinne female boss (from the noun baas boss), skriuwer writer (from the verb skriuwe to write), grienens greenness (from the adjective grien green), delte valley (from the adverb del down), tweintichje twenty Euro note (from the numeral tweintich twenty), hijke male lapwing (from the personal pronoun hy he), Jorwerter inhabitant of Jorwert (from the geographical name Jorwert), Kalmaiaan follower of Kalma (from the personal name Kalma).

The open lexical classes noun, verb and adjective are important in their functioning as base. The other categories are quite marginal, with a relative exception for the suffixes forming inhabitant names.

It should be noted that some productive suffixes may be attached to more than one word class. Examples are the diminutive suffix -DIM, -er, -erij and -ling.


More details about the different bases and the suffixes that are used to derive nouns from that base can be found by following the corresponding links: