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Modifiers which are adjectives

The adjectives djip deep en fier far may be used to modify Adposition Phrases (PPs).


The modifiers djip deep en fier far are characteristically used as amplifiers, that is, they emphasize the high degree of the distance between two points or intervals. Some example are given below:

a. It steile dak dat fier ta de hôfsbeammen út stiek
the steep roof which far to the estate's.trees out jut
The steep roof which jutted out high above the trees of the estate
b. Beide hannen djip yn 'e bûsen fan syn reinjas
both hands deep in the pockets of his raincoat
Both hands (buried) deep in the pockets of his raincoat

The following examples make it clear that the adjectival modifier may be expanded by putting it in the equative degree. The equative adjective has been bracketed:

a. Dêr siet Ulbe, de tonge noch [like fier] ta de mûle út
there sat Ulbe the tongue yet equally far to the mouth out
Ulbe sat there, his tongue hanging as far out of his mouth as before
b. De stokken stiene noch [like djip] yn 'e blaumodder
the sticks stood yet as deep in the blue.mud
The sticks stood as deep in the blue mud as before

The adjectival modifier may also appear in the comparative degree:

a. Hoe djipper yn 'e hjerst, namste koarter de dagen
how deeper in the autumn the shorter the days
The deeper in autumn, the shorter the days
b. Wy binne fjirtich jier fierder yn 'e tiid
we are forty year farther in the time
We are forty years later now

The example shows that the adjective fierder farther may itself be modified by a Noun Phrase (NP) containing a measure noun. The following example involves a PP that is modified by a coordination of two adjectives:

Koalle, hearde er [[fier en djip] yn him]
fool heard he far and deep in him
Fool, he heard (a voice say) far and deep within himself
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