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Adjectival suffixes

Derivation of adjectives by way of suffixation may occur on several different lexical categories as base: on nouns (e.g. stim voice > stimleas voiceless), on verbs (gean to go > geanber passable), on adjectives (siik ill > sikich a little ill), on adverbs (fuort gone > fuorterich to like going out), on prepositions (yn in > inerlik internal), on geographical names (Eastenryk Austria > Eastenryksk Austrian), on interjections (blikstiender! cursed > blikstienders! damned) and on one numeral (ien one > iensum lonely). As might be expected, adjective formation is most prominent with respect to the bases made up of one of the three main lexical categories: nouns, verbs and adjectives. But geographical names also form a relatively important source in the creation of adjectives.


More details about the different bases and the suffixes that are used to derive adjectives from that base can be found by following the corresponding links: