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Modification by a demonstrative

The concrete partitive noun can refer on its own in the bare partitive construction, but the content noun cannot.


The following pair of sentences shows that the concrete noun in a referential partitive cannot refer on its own:

Example 1

a. Dizze blikken hûnebrokken
these cans dog.morsels
These cans of dry dog food
b. *It blik dizze hûnebrokken
the can these dog.morsels
The can of dry dog food

Independent reference for the content noun is perfectly acceptable in case the two nouns are joined by a preposition:

Example 2

It blik mei dizze hûnebrokken wie fergif yn dien
the can with these dog.morsels was poison in done
Poison was added to the can of dry dog food

These facts may perhaps be taken as an indication that the bare partitive construction is a special case of the prepositional partitive construction.