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The productive, non-Germanic suffix -iaan derives personal nouns. This can be attached to a couple of surnames, and then indicates that someone is a follower of this person. An example is Freud Freud > freudiaan follower of Freud.

[+]General input

The list of existing derivations of -iaan is very limited. Examples are given in the table below:

Table 1
Base form Derivation
Kalma Kalma kalmaiaan follower of Kalma
Freud Freud freudiaan follower of Freud
Kant Kant kantiaan follower of Kant

It seems, on the other hand, not difficult to attach the suffix to other peronal names, which would render the suffix productive.

The derivations have common gender. The meaning contribution of the suffix can be described as "follower of {someone's surname}".

[+]Phonological properties

The suffix -iaan bears the main stress of the word: KALma > kalmaIAAN, FREUD > freuDIAAN and KANT > kanTIAAN. As can be seen from these examples, -iaan is a cohering suffix.

[+]Morphological potentials

The derivations can be input for other suffixes as well, like: -sk in in freudiaansk tinkbyld a freudian concept.

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This topic is based on Hoekstra (1998:101).

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