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As PP of place

Adpositional Phrases (PPs) of place may be relativized.


An example of the relativization of a PP of place is provided below:

Example 1

In moaie stêd om te wenjen is Amsterdam net
a nice town for to live is Amsterdam not
Amsterdam is not a nice town to live in

It is clear from the contrast below that a PP of place as a whole is the target of relativization:

Example 2

a. Se wenje yn in moaie stêd
they live in a nice town
They live in a nice town
b. *Se wenje in moaie stêd
they live a nice town
They live in a nice town

Preposed PPs of place may drop their preposition with the verb wenje live; the preposition yn in has been dropped:

Example 3

?Amsterdam soe ik net wenje wolle
Amsterdam would I not live want
Amsterdam, I would not want to live in

Such examples probably belong to spoken language.