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1.1 Attributive and predicative APs

There are several features that are often considered characteristic of adjectives, but that are nevertheless insufficient to fully delimit the set of adjectives. For instance, many adjectives can be used both in prenominal attributive position, as in (1), and in predicative position, as in (2), as is illustrated for the adjective fluch ‘nice’:

So ‘n fluch Riemsel.
such a nice poem
Such a nice poem.

However, since this feature does not apply to all adjectives, the capacity to be used in these positions is not a necessary condition for a word to qualify as an adjective. An adjective like kwiet ‘rid, lost’ can only be used predicatively. An adjective like sjodend ‘boiling’ cannot be used predicatively.

Wie sunt nu uus Skeelden kwiet.
we are now our debts rid
We have gotten rid of our debts.
*De kwiete skeelden.
the rid debts
Sjodend Woater.
boiling water
Boiling water.
*Dät Woater is sjodend.
the water is boiling
The water is boiling.

However, the prototypical adjective is found in both attributive and predicative position.

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