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Sufficient degree, genôch enough

The degree word genôch enough is special in that it follows the adjective which it modifies instead of preceding it. It indicates that a high degree limit of an adjective is sufficient for rendering the proposition in the infinitival clause true:

Example 1

a. Hy wie krigel genôch om foarút te buorkjen
he was energetic enough for successfully to run.a.farm
He was energetic enough for succesfully running a farm
b. Hy is krigel genôch
he is energetic enough
He is energetic enough

In case there is no overt clause, the content of the proposition can be inferred from the context of the utterance. The degree limit can be syntactically expressed by an infinitival clause. It cannot be expressed by a finite clause. The degree limit, expressed as an infinitival clause, cannot precede the combination of the adjective and the degree word. The combination of adjective and degree word may occur in prenominal position in some marginal cases. The combination of adjective and degree word may be contracted.


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