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Transitive prepositional object verbs

The transitive prepositional object verb construction consists of a subject, verb, direct object and prepositional object. The combination of verb and preposition is usually fixed, but the subject and direct object are usually free. Ponelis (1979:218) identifies cases where the direct object is also fixed, giving rise to longer collocations of verb, object and preposition, and other cases where the direct object is a reflexive object.

[+]Transitive prepositional object verbs with open-ended choice of direct object

Ponelis (1979:218) identifies the following combinations of verb and preposition where the direct object is variable.

Table 1
Preposition Construction Translation
aan on iemand herinner aan, iets ontleen aan to remind someone of, to derive something from
by at iets aanbeveel by, iemand inskakel by to recommend something to, to connect someone to
met with iemand bekroon met, iets vergelyk met to award someone with, to compare something with
teen against iemand beskerm teen to protect someone against
tot till/to iemand aanspoor tot, iemand dwing tot to encourage someone to, to force someone (in)to
uit out.of/from iets vervaardig uit to manufacture something from
van from iemand beskuldig van, iets maak van to accuse someone of, to make something from
vir for iets gebruik vir to use something for
[+]Transitive prepositional object verbs with fixed direct object

Ponelis (1979:218) provides the following examples of prepositional object verbs that take a fixed direct object:

  • weerstand bied teen to offer resistance to
  • 'n beroep doen op to make an appeal to
  • verslag doen van to report on
  • belasting hef op to levy taxes on
  • rekening hou met to bear in mind
  • 'n eis instel teen to make a claim against
[+]Transitive propositional object verbs with reflexive direct object

Ponelis (1979:218) provides the following examples of prepositional object verbs that take a reflexive direct object:

  • jou besondig/vergaap/vergryp aan to make oneself guilty of/to be amazed at/to offend against
  • jou neerlê by to resign oneself to
  • jou bemoei met to interfere with
  • jou ontferm oor to have mercy on
  • jou verlaat op to rely on
  • jou bedien van to help oneself to
  • jou skaam vir to be ashamed of
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