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Interj > V

Verbal conversion from an interjection is very rare, only a few examples can be found.


There are only a few examples in which an interjection has been converted to a verb. An example is bimbam ding-dong > bimbamje to make the sound of ding-dong. Another example is the verb moartsje to scream blue murder, which derives from moart! help! (which as such is related to the noun moard murder). Synchronically, however, the latter case is not relevant anymore, as the interjection moart! seems to be obsolete nowadays. Note, by the way, that this converted verb has undergone breaking.

As with verbal conversion in general, the output verbs belong to class II of the weak verbs, i.e. they have an infinitive ending in -je. However, if the base ends in a diphthong with the glide [j], then conversion results in a verb of class I. This is the case with jûchheie to shout with joy (from jûchhei! hoorah!) and huie to whoop, from the interjection hui. We see the same effect with verbal conversion of nouns and adjectives.

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This topic is based on Hoekstra (1998:152).

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