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Modification by a demonstrative

Measure nouns may be modified by a demonstrative determiner in case they are able to refer to individuated samples. This depends on the context. The measure noun soad lot, however, cannot be individuated.


Nouns of high and low quantity may be modified by a demonstrative, except for the noun soad lot:

Example 1

a. Dat bytsje minsken
that bit people
That small number of people
b. *Dat soad jierpels
that lot potatoes
That lot of potatoes

Nouns of exact quantity may be modified by a demonstrative, in case the measure noun happens to correspond to an individuated sample in some sense. In the example below, prepacked kilos of potatoes may be involved:

Example 2

Dizze kilo jirpels
this kilo potatoes
This kilo of potatoes