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2.5.Bibliographical notes

Complementation of adjectives has so far been a neglected topic in the domain of syntax. Grammars like Paardekooper (1986), Haeseryn et al. (1997) and Klooster (2001) have relatively little to say about it; their focus of attention is mainly on modification and the degrees of comparison, which will be the topic of, respectively, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. In the remaining literature there is also relatively little attention paid to this topic. A notable exception is the seminal work by Van Riemsdijk (1983), which discusses nominal complementation within the adjectival phrase (which is of course not entirely ignored by the grammars mentioned above). Other important studies are Bennis (2004) and Cinque (1990), where it is argued that certain adjectives are similar to unaccusative verbs in that they may be predicated of an internal argument. Corver (1997b) has been a rich source of inspiration for the discussion of pseudo-participles and pronominalization of the adjective (phrase).

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