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Relational complemented nouns

Relational complemented nouns do not involve an event but an inherent relation. In the example below, the noun designates the relation of 'being a sister of':

Catie is die suster van Hanno
Catie be.PRS the sister PTCL.GEN Hanno
Catie is the sister of Hanno.

Relational nouns involve an inherent and permanent relation. The relation usually involves two animate entities, as in the example below:

Die suster van Lisa
the sister PTCL.GEN Lisa
Lisa's sister

A relational noun like suster sister differs from an ordinary noun like boek book, which does not involve inherent and permanent (inalienable) possession. Other examples of relational nouns may involve a thing and a unique sub-part, as in the examples below:

a. die dak van die huis
the roof of the house
The roof of the house
b. Die blaaie van die boek
the pages of the book
The pages of the book

Other examples of relational nouns may involve a thing and a property, as in the examples below:

a. Die vorm van die struktuur
the shape of the structure
The shape of the structure
b. Die hoogte van die toring
the height of the tower
The height of the tower
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