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The productive suffixoid-brot forms nouns with common gender from other nouns. The noun related to the suffix is brot mess. An example of a derivation ending in -brot is krante newspaper > krantebrot newspaper mess. The derivations always have a more or less collective element in them.

[+]General properties

The productive suffix -brot can be attached to nouns. The derivations have two features in common: (1) they are collective nouns and (2) they describe something messy. The table below gives some examples:

Table 1
Base form Derivation
krante newspaper krantebrot newspaper mess
reklame advertisements reklamebrot advertisement mess
snie snow sniebrot snow mess
kompjûter computer kompjûterbrot computer mess
sân sand sânbrot sand mess
klean clothes kleanbrot clothes mess
hout wood houtbrot wood mess

-Brot is a suffixoid: as a suffix, it grammaticalized from the noun brot mess. It also kept the common gender of this noun. The word sân sand for instance is neuter, while sânbrot sand mess is a common noun.

-Brot is not the only suffix that forms collective nouns. Comparable suffixes are:

  • -boel: hok shed > hokkeboel sheds;
  • -brol: papier paper > papierbrol papers;
  • -dom: minsk human > minskdom humanity;
  • -emint: kaak jaw > kakemint the lower and upper jaw;
  • -guod: fûgel bird > fûgelguod birds;
  • -heid: minsk human being > minskheid humanity;
  • -spul: bist animal > bistespul animals;
  • -wurk: skonk leg > skonkwurk legs.