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No clausal complements

Postpositions do not select complements that are clauses.


There are no cases of postpositions independently selecting a clause. Apparent cases involve verbs selecting a clause and a postposition separately, as in the following example:

a. Se sprutsen ôf om op tiid te kommen
they agreed POST for on time to come
They agreed to arrive on time
b. Se sprutsen dat ôf
they agreed that POST
They agreed to that

Correspondingly, the combination of postposition and direct object does not pass any constituency tests:

a. *[Dat ôf] sprutsen se
that POST agreed they
That, they agreed
b. *[Ôf om op tiid te kommen] sprutsen se
POST for on time to come agreed they
To arrive on time, they agreed

Postpositions taking a complement are severely restricted semantically. They always involve some notion of directionality, either locative or temporal.

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